Optimize your Elevator Pitch!

Tell me/us more about (who you are) and what you are offering/thinking?

The next minute will determine whether you and your idea are perceived as interesting or forever forgotten. If you offer any kind of service, want to convince with an idea or have a product to sell, you will want a perfect Elevator Pitch. Its structure can be extremely helpful to explain and present your service, idea or product. Do it right, and clients, orders and fees will almost automatically fly to you. Do it wrong... well, you get the idea!

This course helps you to require the foundations for a convincing, active presentation at formal meetings and, even more common, at informal occasions. Clients will never find themselves lost as to what benefit you provide exactly, or what distinguishes you from other providers. 

If you do it right, your clients will even understand why you charge more than your competitors

With this course you take the first step in optimizing your client conversations and your Elevator Pitch, and will pull in interest and convince without appearing salesy!

Improve your client conversations by understanding the foundations and implementing a good structure, employing our negotiation tips, and preparing for your next Elevator Pitch.

Ideally, you go through these fundamentals and improve selected skills with your Coach before practicing in our Speed Negotiating Series.

11 Lessons

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11 Lessons in Optimize your Elevator Pitch!:

What is an Elevator Pitch?

Understanding nature and purpose of an Elevator Pitch

When do you need an Elevator Pitch

Understanding the implementation & use of the Elevator Pitch

Preparations for What Goes in Your Pitch

Understanding nature and purpose of an Elevator Pitch

Let´s get started: How to structure your Elevator Pitch

Understanding the structure of the Elevator Pitch

Caveat: Avoid this huge mistake

Learn how not to say it!

Elevator Pitch Template

Understanding the structure of the Elevator Pitch

Examples to study

Giving you an idea how the Elevator Pitch looks like

Elevator Pitch Example Consultant, Trainer, Speaker

Study the Elevator Pitch of a Negotiation Consultant/Trainer/Speaker

Elevator Pitch USP Example

Nail the "Why you" question with an Elevator Pitch

A Word on Delivery

Make sure you practice to get the results you wish for

Voice Sells!

Die Bedeutung der Stimme im Pitch